Inspired by @shanaz. I'm just doing food as I'm Asian, and we're pretty manic about this.
  1. Rice
    Chicken rice / Spicy beef fried rice with loads of vegetables.
  2. Noodles
    Vietnamese beef pho / Taiwanese beef noodles
  3. Curry
    Thai green curry / Devil's curry
  4. Indian
    Beefsteak, which is basically mutton chunks, potatoes and cabbage in a spicy chili gravy / Mutton soup (*the* supper food usually eaten with day-old baguette) (Our version of Indian food is heavily influenced by South Indian cuisine but very much our own.)
  5. Japanese
    Sashimi: Tuna, salmon and swordfish / Tempura: Pumpkin, sweet potato, apple and lotus root
  6. Italian
    Burrata with crunchy bread, olive oil and tomatoes
  7. Mixed drink
    Mojito. When I used to drink, I was pretty much a straight vodka girl.
  8. Coffee
    Bru coffee (local strong Indian coffee with fresh milk) / Vanilla soy latte
  9. Tea
    Masala tea / Japanese gunpowder green tea / Matcha tea / Teh o halia (local strong Indian tea with ginger)