May contain nuts.
  1. Choose between sanity and integrity
    Decide on the bigger master, and whether you can live with the decision. Decide, act then move on.
  2. Money is a valid justification
    Not the noblest of reasons but it is.
  3. Backup every client approval in writing
    An agreement can be verbal but hard to prove in later arguments especially if said client had selective memory.
  4. Always over-communicate (within reason) until informed otherwise
    As a project manager, I learn what's essential in time; it's different with every client. Set out clear expectations from the start. Never assume.
  5. Talent is hard work
    One may have an affinity in something but talent is not magic. Talent is drudgery. Talent is failing but getting it right the next time. Talent takes time.
  6. Drinking during working hours is never a good idea
    Even if said client is paying for and would never remember it. Someone is always watching.
  7. Like pornography, they know it when they see it
    The discussions arriving to this end point is usually long and varied. Maybe we're not listening well, or they're not articulating it explicitly, so it can get harrowing fast. Keep calm and rephrase the statements back to them ("I'm hearing this, do you mean this?" "What would like your employees to take away?"). Always, always record this in writing.
  8. Do good work and the rest WILL follow
    I've had clients who know of me prior to meeting me (scary shit that throws me off all the time). Someone is 'selling' you once they see you're doing good work. They're checking too if you're all that you seem.
  9. Opportunities are not created equal
    I tend to overthink on this, and weigh all factors that produce it unnecessarily at times (I do what I do 😇). But you have to walk away sometimes, and knowing why and accepting its loss is important.