I promised this reveal to @sabrinakristine some moons ago when we conversed on local desserts and their many manifestations. It was a hot day today, and Fridays warrants desserts ☺️
  1. This dessert is originally called 'Ice Kachang'. It's literal translation is Ice Nut
    The nut refers to the boiled red beans specifically
  2. Most Asian countries have their own versions of shaved ice desserts
    The Koreans have their bingsu, the Malaysians cendol, and in a few countries, the Ice Kachang. There was hardly any milk-based desserts in our local delicacies. I suppose it originated from us not using cow milk in our desserts; ice was a luxury that long ago and most desserts uses the easily available coconut milk
  3. The basic ingredients are boiled red beans, corn kernels, and attap chee (young seeds of the Nipah Palm tree) at the bottom of the bowl topped with shaved ice, and smeared over with coloured sugar syrup and evaporated milk
    Anything more or less than that is not an original. Some may argue that tiny slivers of cendol, or boiled pandan flour could be added too
  4. The original setup is like this:
  5. Also, fun fact on the Nipah Palm tree: It's considered endangered around here due to the decreasing mangrove habitat loss. Yes, this thing grows in mud 💪🏼 And horizontally. Weird. Almost all parts of the tree can be used, from the sap to make sugar to its dried leaves as roof material
  6. I, of course, went extra today: the PEANUT Ice Kachang
    For science, Sabrina! And maths! (You'll see why) And this thing is bigger than my mouth. It costs about USD 1.50.
  7. It has all of the original setup with the additional layer of red bean paste above the shaved ice, and topped with ground baked peanuts
    Coloured sugar syrup is just brown here. Boring!
  8. Eating it right is key
    Ever had one of those high sundaes with everything on top? It's all about angles and centre of gravity. I think.
  9. Which failed, but of course
    The red bean paste froze and slipped to the edge of the bowl. You should hear our gasps.
  10. This is the messiest thing I've eaten lately
    I mean, I'm a klutz with food sometimes, and duh, it's Friday. There were 4 attap chee seeds; it's the opaque squishy seed in the spoon. I used to loathe eating this and now I wonder why I even do that previously. I think the texture turns me off then; it's neither hard nor soft. It's easy to bite into and yet hard and not jelly-like.
  11. You have to eat it fast in this humidity but it will end up in this weird watery mess
    It's like muesli gone Pollock. Even coloured sugar water will merge to a brown sludge. And I'm basically drinking peanuts in sugar water. Yup. And your hard palate may turn numb from the cold.
  12. But I finished it!
    My colleagues were impressed as I had this after a lunch of wet noodles with seafood. I mean, you're gonna pee it out soon enough; it's 87% water!
  13. But yeah, it was cool! 🌬
  14. Thanks, @sabrinakristine for the request some time back! 😘