I wish 2016 will be kinder to you. May you have a great 2016 🎉🎊🎉
  1. Make my first response a 'yes' ✔️
    Reasonably, of course. I can always follow-up with 'no' 🙇🏻
  2. Ask the wrong questions anyway
    You get more than an answer with those, like prejudices, personal beliefs and values.
  3. Make the same remarks but now to men
    Your black shirt is throwing me off my game. How do you get to do all that makeup-free and still have time for dinner? Good choice on the shoes but are you sure about the black shirt? (I may have already said all these to one man 😋) (Also, we women have been brought up being said to and saying certain things just to other women. I want to level the field 😐)
  4. Procrastinate less
    Oy. As if missed opportunities is not clear enough. I need to second-guess myself less and just fucking do it. Also, refer to #1.
  5. Get involved into something performance-related
    @Lisa_Fav inspired me with her improv. I remember that I had some of the best times of my life when I was on or behind the stage. They scared me shitless but I loved the adrenaline. Even formally hosting an event was a welcomed stress. I should explore this this year.
  6. Travel overseas at least 3 times--for fun!
    For peace of mind, sanity and gratefulness
  7. Learn a language
    I wanted to learn conversational Chinese for the longest time. I can practice all I want with my friends and colleagues.
  8. Read at least 26 books
    Here comes a few quantifying bits: That's a book in two weeks, and with the recs from fab book lovers here, there shouldn't be lack of options. And I will list them down too.
  9. Run on at least 120 days
    That's like one in every three days. Doable!