1. Yes, you can totally make that jump
  2. You are my favourite
  3. You must be this high for the truth
  4. I can keep a secret
  5. Sure you can eat it
  6. It's called banananaaaaaaaaa
    You have to say in that song
  7. Of course it'll grow back
  8. Quicker, to the Batmobile
  9. I don't know your mother
  10. Yes, I'm an adult
  11. No, I'm not an adult
  12. Remember, you have an extra limb of most body parts as a spare
  13. It is what you said it is
  14. You are so good at this
  15. It was meant to be purple
  16. That's so clever
  17. No, I didn't hear that. Yell it to me one more time
  18. Yes, I would like more of that, thank you