Not *that* one. Share your superpowers 💪🏼
  1. Self-appointed Devil's advocates
    You do not want us in debates or fights. Just don't. We've been practicing from young; you will lose, or be confused.
  2. We live up to our *own* expectations
    Nothing disappoints us more than ourselves.
  3. We know we are dicks
    But you love us anyway.
  4. We can pretty much take care of ourselves
    Like cats, we'll turn out fine if abandoned. Eventually.
  5. Nothing really phases us for long
    Things don't generally bog us down if we fail. We just whine on it for a bit, meh and move on.
  6. We're the rational and logical ones
    The calm in the storm? The one happily piling on food while WW3 is starting around them? The one with the epic one-liner that ends every argument (i.e. "It's legal in this country.")?
  7. We can tell when we're among like-minded middle-child folk
    We tend to nod along, neither confirming nor denying. We may even high-five.
  8. If we want stuff to work, they will
    If we want to. We tend to watch and see if anyone else is doing it first before stepping in.
  9. OK, we get away with a lot by side-stepping oncoming shit to others
    Like I said, we're dicks. Firstborns have high expectations bestowed on them while last ones are forgiven rather easily. We know our exit strategies all the time.