Our National Museum has just extended their exhibition of selected 'Treasures of the World' from the British Museum to 3 Jul ( It must be hard to pick them out of a collection of 8 million pieces. Do get the free guided tour if you can; I always find you'll learn more.
  1. And without this, neither are we
  2. Sekhmet
  3. I love historical jewelry
  4. Bastet: Check out my gold hoops
  5. Still judging you
  6. The work to be continued
    Zoom in....
  7. King Oba and his posse
  8. Here he is again with his animal pelt
    Made of brass
  9. Still relatable
  10. Plus Ultra = There is more beyond
  11. Xipo Talé
  12. Rembrandt's The Three Crosses
  13. It IS magnificent
  14. More jewelry
    They had this belt things that Roman women would wear under their bust. Let's bring them back!
  15. Hadrian
    I type this as though he's a friend. He could be
  16. 2 of the Lewis Chessmen
    My guide's favourite piece(s) of the exhibit. I know nothing about them—including chess—but her enthusiasm interests me. I foresee black holes of perhaps pointless research ahead
  17. Here is the tombstone of Typhus, Son of someone
    Who procured this from someone who brought it back from Greece and hacked said Typhus' face onto it. Plagiarism, we do it in marble then.
  18. Showy shield to say I was awesome once
    This shield was chiseled or knocked religiously from the back to create these concentric designs. It was beautiful
  19. Blessing birdman: Hark! Who goes there?
    I want this gracing my front door
  20. Still badass
    Bust of an ancient priest due to his headgear. I was this as my house guardian too.
  21. 4 plates and a dandy
  22. Pretty plate
    All these pretty plates, does someone actually eat of them? 🤔
  23. Porn
  24. More jewelry
  25. Ru plate
    The most coveted porcelain ware. The Ru kilns made chinaware for just 20 years when the royal family stayed in Henan, China. To date, only 100 pieces were found, and the British Museum has 40 of them. They were known for their egg-blue wash colour, and this piece was tinged due to a fire in the Forbidden Palace in early 19th century.
  26. He's not heavy, he's my ______
    The second dude is the mythical Garuda
  27. Five-headed serpent with badass mohawks
  28. The back end of an old Aoteora canoe
    The carvings are amazing
  29. A Hawaiian deity and Easter Island birdman boulder
  30. Duuuuuuuuuuude
  31. People are just crafty man
  32. That is plaited hair, yo
    Like legit pearl shells and really tiny plaited hair. Just, people can be awesome me 💪🏼
  33. This scares the shit out of me
    Which I think is the point
  34. Curves 1
    This pic is blurry and I wish I had a better one. The porcelain vase was made by a Japanese artist, while the wall piece was by Anthony Poon.
  35. Curves 2
    By Anthony Poon
  36. Clay pot by Iskandar Jalil
  37. Picasso's portrait(s) of his first wife
    I know, I should have taken a pic of the description too