Like the unpublished personal memoir chapters but more low-brow
  1. @aida: Lame Pirate ☠ I Am No Man
  2. 17 Times When Her Texts Were Sent To The Wrong People--And How Her Life Unravels Inescapably
  3. Feelings: When You Have Them and What To Do With Them (NOT fact checked)
  4. Sex: Also A Four-Letter Word (in tiny font: not *that* one)
  5. Black is Still Black: A Fashion Retrospective
  6. Makeup circa 2002: How it can work for you too
  7. LAST CHANCE 🗯 Share your favourite revenge fantasy
  8. PLUS 💬 Leftovers or Undiscovered Frontiers--We'll Help You Decide
  9. FREE 💝 Paper Dolls 👯 (3 colouring pencils and removable sunglasses included 🕶)