Because @amieshmamie asked. Er, I hope that's OK (self-doubt, check!)
  1. Do you hate your birthday because of all the attention?
    Yes. I take the day off work on my birthday every year due to this, but I do want it remembered or acknowledged by others. A gift is optional, and a desired one is unforgettable ☺
  2. Do you think I'm a diva because I LOVE my birthday?
    Yes. OK, I base this on my personal choice rather than family norms and upbringing (though I AM basing my personal choice on MY family norms and upbringing, hah). If your family and friends indulge in such things, revel in it. They are celebrating YOU!
  3. Do I talk too loudly?
    Yes. And so do I when I'm with my chosen ones or when I'm excited. I like to think that I'm more of a situational introvert or an unbalanced ambivert (the labels we call ourselves 😁)
  4. Do you take a lot of bubble baths?
    No. Bathtubs are hard to find here due to space constraints, and I only do so if my body is sore. Showers are more my thing.
  5. How many cats do you have?
  6. Did you read Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking?
    No. I know of it for the longest time but I'm going through this Reading Antipathy™ lately so.... 😕
  7. Do you think your job and/or school lends itself to the success of extroverts over introverts? What about the world in general?
    Generally in Asian cultures (huge on the word 'general' there), it is not seemly to be seen cocking about and strutting your success and achievements. Others, as in society and any other person—familial or not, is the preferred town crier for such deeds. It's not in our nature or upbringing to be boastful of our achievements. Those are better lived than read, heard not told. So, in a way, introverts are better here. Showy, loud people are frowned upon mostly, or that'll be our first reaction.
  8. How long is the perfect amount of time to stay at a party?
    Depends on the crowd. And food 😁 Basically an hour should be fine.
  9. Will you be my friend?
    I'm not?! 😱