We just had the Southeast Asia premiere here at the Marina Bay Sands. I was more excited that I thought I would, and enjoyed it more too 😁 The good pics were grabbed from the live stream off chooseyourteam.asia because duh, they’re clearer and better
  1. I was in the bleeding stands aka 4th floor of the Southeast Asia premiere at MBS. Didn’t expect the crowd as huh, who knew people were that interested. We reached 1.5 hours before other actors came out.
  2. Anthony Mackie was sweating throughout the blue carpet. I blame it on the humidity and the fact that he was the most hyped up of the bunch. Even if the place was air-conditioned.
  3. Sebastian and Chris hugged here and I don't know why!!!
  4. The sound for the event sucked. It travelled 270 degrees ahead and didn’t surround. Since I stood at the back of the stage, I hear nothing.
    Also, Sebastian Stan then hugged and picked up the kid after the above. The kid just couldn't believe himself. It was adorable.
  5. Sebastian Stan is a precious and the sweetest human being. He made every attempt to stop, took pictures and signed as much as he can on both sides. He came out first and reached the stage last. He is as good as people say he is. I couldn’t grab a frontal pic of him as I was switching between the live stream and taking pictures of tiny humans.
  6. Chris Evans came out last and he couldn’t afford to do much signing. And in just a Henley and pants too 😍 (I think he had a suit on and realised fuck it, it’s hot) He was rushed halfway through the blue carpet before stopping eventually for interviews and signings.
    He is wide though 😍
  7. The shouting, the signings, the selfies, it was mad. I don’t envy what these guys do at all for this part of the business.
    Sebastian Stan was in the suede blue suit and Anthony Mackie was at the bottom right in black.
  8. Chris Evans IS as tall as the other guys. He just seems bigger than life on the screen. (The camera adds pounds to guys too? 🤔)
    Chris Evans was twirling his mic as he waited on stage. I relate to that ☺️
  9. Finally, Chris Evans saw us at the back and got everyone to wave to us before they left the stage!!! 😱😍😍😱 I don't care what you think but he waved at ME
  10. Yup. Tiny humans.
  11. Don't know who this honcho is.
  12. They were given these caricatures of their characters against the MBS backdrop. They were quite cool.
  13. A close-up of one of the drawings
  14. I don't know what's that, Joe Russo
  15. You are a beautiful man, Anthony Mackie 😘
  16. The #teamcap toured Asia while #teamironman did Europe. We had the better deal with director Joe Russo, Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie imho.
  17. I had fun! My Nephew 2 gave up after just 1.5 hours of standing. Kids these days 🙄