I'm a project manager in consulting services for the last 10 years. I would think these may be common in my line of work.
  1. Everyone does slides
    Everyone, in any place you can think of (in the teeny closet behind the cashier at a 7-11, yup). I remember teaching a new grad on the basic of slides formatting and she snapped at me with "I can't believe that with my Business degree and I'm here doing slides." She didn't last long.
  2. Sounding like someone else
    It's fine though for a start as you're still finding your voice. One doesn't realise this until you start your sentences with "My boss said...." or "So-and-so shared with this and so-and-so is important." Emulate the good things, stuff that resonate with your clients or audience. They're still gold till you find your own.
  3. Hating coffee (time) then appreciating it
    Consumption of caffeine in many cultures is a social thing. Sure, the talking may get you tongue-tied (and frustrated) but you can always grasp the cup and sip. Listening matters more.
  4. Knowing the whole process before you can hack it
    I get it; it's cumbersome, it's analogue, it's life in mono. But most things are understandably verbose for a reason, and finding the whys will help you in the how-tos.
  5. Doing something because it's always been done that way instead of doing it because it's right
    I spent my formative years doing work aligned to certain standards and norms. It took me years to wean that off and feel confident enough to do it my own way, mistakes and glories et al. You will find your own way(s).
  6. It pays to be nice to the 'other people'
    The receptionist, the bathroom cleaner, the printing vendor, the IT folks, the security guard. These are not 'other people' but without them, you can be basically fucked. They make you look good, so be nice forever.
  7. Their stories are your stories too
    AKA, steal like an artist. You soon realise that 'those' stories are not fully theirs either. Your story though unique starts somewhat similar to others too.
  8. Do share yours in a list
    I'm interested to know what surprised you as a newbie, in a profession, field or interest, and will continue to surprise others.