I live in a flat and within two spits from the opposite apartment. My opposite neighbours hardly opened their windows 👀
  1. How many bamboo poles do your drying clothes actually take up
    And how often you do your laundry
  2. Cats catwalking
    It's a show. It's survival. Jeng jeng 🎶
  3. What was on TV that made you moan and cry
    Which football game was it?
  4. Plants, and whether they're dead
    Or fake. Gives me hope ✨
  5. Food that stinks up my drying laundry
  6. Curtains
    That retro orange stripes. Why and why.
  7. Lighting fixtures
    What kind of chandeliers work in our type of wall height?
  8. Electrical sockets
    Are you a fire hazard waiting to happen?
  9. Kitchen layout and sofa set
    I judge a house by these 🙇🏽
  10. The interloper