I *am* being precious about this list 😖
  1. Hold a light sneeze
    Or any sneeze for that matter. Sneeze loud and proud.
  2. Walk as fast as any accompanying (taller) men
    I quit. No more catching up to your stupid longer legs!
  3. Be too precious about things
    Just because it used to cost money, doesn't mean it does now. Also, a rose is a rose is a rose. Quit allegorizing it. Just fucking do it.
  4. Bake cookies
    Too long. Cake or death!
  5. Make my bed every morning
    I know it could calm the mind and start off the day right. It's just not what I need.
  6. Run after a departing, moving or blinking thing
    Like assholes, there'll be another one coming.
  7. Move out of the way
    You know the ones. I'm walking on my two legs here too, occupying as much space as you. YOU move. (And don't tsk me!)
  8. Watch movie trailers
    Unless I'm in a movie theatre waiting for another film to start and my mobile died. Otherwise, as much as social media allows me, no.
  9. Read printed local news
    Local news are usually censored, propaganda-ed and sensational. I let news come to me belated, if at all.
  10. Talk about work when we're not at work
    I'm bored now. Drink!
  11. Eyeline a cat eye
    Adele's makeup artist, I salute you. To the numerous departed eyeliners, not sorry.
  12. Buy uncut fruits
    Otherwise known as 'Decaying Fruit Arrangement in Still Life'.
  13. Do housework
    Bad allergies aside, I'm a relatively neat person, and pick up after myself fairly well. That said, I do get someone in weekly. I worry less about this.
  14. Cook for one
    One doesn't just cook dinner for one, one cooks for one the same dinner for the upcoming week 🙄
  15. Apologise for NOT doing these listed things
    Because I do them sometimes without thinking. This is a work in progress.