I spend the last month, in various states of motivation, thinking about what's mine.
  1. I'm 87% done
    I'm left with my toiletries, bed linen and personals. I am getting pretty good at this.
  2. This is of course the un-KonMari way
    You're supposed to collate all in one sitting and go through them at once. I didn't, because that'll be a mess and there's only one of me. I have to rethink how I can get this done in the most efficient way to me.
  3. I was impatient too so I started three Mondays ago after work
    The garbage bags were too thin and they pulled apart once I got them filled. So I bought better ones 2 days later.
  4. I have WAY too much shit for one person
    Half of my sofa is now covered with filled garbage bags. And I still have more to fill.
  5. I know the main reason I do this is to clear out my wardrobe
    What I didn't expect was the immense relief I had when I said goodbye to some--all right, most--of the stuff. In many ways, I was prisoned by their purpose; a gift, a hand-me-down-coz-I-used-to-have-your-figure (but not my taste obviously), it looked great on the mannequin, it was on sale. Some took a while for me to decide, days, before I decided resolutely that it is mine no longer.
  6. I spend hours staring at my stuff, reliving their stories and saying goodbye
    My first online purchase was this grey cotton jersey jacket that kept me warm in winter Melbourne. The orange scarf that burnt when I left it overnight on a heater in Franz Josef. My first work bag in red that carried me from one job to the next three brilliant ones.
  7. Joy is practicality to me too
    You should only keep things that bring you joy. That's it. Surrounding yourself with happiness is the main criteria, and that realisation is freeing in many, many ways. However, my work dictates that I need to dress in a certain way, and that means, business suits, heels and tights that I wished I don't have to arm myself with at times. I've halved these items now but I wish more of them to be away too.
  8. Having your family and friends NOT seeing your giveaways* is crucial
    I had a friend over who went away with a few bags, some clothes and even an unused hairbrush. This experience embarrassed me in some ways as it showed that I DO have that much stuff. She harrumphed a few times 😏
  9. *Giveaways sounds like a prize/reward but they're not throwaways per se
    Most of the stuff are usable still. I like these quotes in the books a lot (paraphrased): Things are not meant to be worn threadbare. Once they've fulfilled their purpose to you, they have done their duty. I'm donating them to an orphanage that collects such items monthly. I hope they'll be of some use to them.
  10. Never Worn Items Given Away: 1 short cheongsam, 1 jean skirt, 2 Punjabi suits, 2 I-can-only-suck-air dresses, 1 pair of silly Skechers shoes, 2 pairs of too-small red heels
    I know I've missed some. I want to give away more.
  11. Discarding things that surprised me: Shoes, less; pants, more; easily, tops & home kits
    (I think I'm screwing up the Oxford commas there)
  12. Even now, in my head, I know some clothing still in my wardrobe don't belong there anymore
    I'm thinking about this right now. I'm warring against the what-ifs and somedays 😖 I know I will eventually "Fuck this, thank YOU and goodbye!" 😭
  13. I threw out the trash bag finally this morning
    Took me three weeks but worth it. No regrets, no turnarounds. I don't revisit myself when things were deemed as trash.
  14. I have a long, long way to go still
    I have a houseful of stuff, and many decisions to make. I'm so glad I started on this journey though.
  15. I already feel lighter and more assured of what makes me. And damn it, I'm enough