Minute by minute commentary of a 20-minute interval run
  1. Fuck. Why am doing this?
  2. Really. 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' at 4.37 AM?
  3. Don't die.
  4. That cab is late today. A good night then. (I treadmill in the other room)
  5. Who the fuck wakes up this early for the day? Oh yeah, me. Too late for bakers though.
  6. Shit, this song is banging. *thumps along to music beats*
  7. I love this radio station. Especially when there are no DJs around.
  8. What was that fanfic again?
  9. OK, 4 more 2-minute intervals. Let's do this.
  10. Halfway, yes!
  11. Should I elevate this minute? 1% thankyouverymuch.
  12. Down boy.
  13. You know asthma. This is not asthmatic!
  14. This is not that restful, resting minute!
  15. Don't die.
  16. Yeah, Guns N' Roses!
  17. *punches air and pumps hands to ceiling*
  18. I'm gonna suck on that iced Vietnamese soy coffee in 3 hours. Push. It.
  19. Last fast one! Amp it!
  20. I didn't die! Urgh. Repeat tomorrow.