Happy birthday, dad. We might not seem cordial or eye-to-eye at most times but I do love you very, very much. Get well soon.
  1. We tend to lash out physically when angry.
    He destroys things, I learn to walk away.
  2. I took after him in looks.
    We are no doubt related.
  3. We talk in tangents all the time.
    This frustrates those we talk to. It's just, we speak what our minds come across. No filter! "Oooh, look at that new colour at that awning! And then, mum was saying...." This makes for a long, meandering conversation over the phone.
  4. The stubbornness is strong in these two.
    No, *you* move. Though I've been told that I've mellowed somewhat. Yay for aging!
  5. We don't know what to do with these smaller humans.
    I believe they are called kids or children in some cultures. They're tolerable, sometimes.