My colleagues were talking about our defining life moments that made us, us, and one agreed with my suggestion that me getting fired from my first real job was the one for me. How it defines me is another list but I want to list those 2 years, and how I would have done differently since. And happy #Draftmas! Thanks @aprilkquioh for the idea.
  1. I got sickly-looking thin
    I didn't leave the house much, and slept most of the day. A uni classmate saw me in the train one day and asked when I left the hospital 😶 No one said anything prior.
  2. I kept to myself and resisted meeting up with friends. No one knew what had happened to me for 2 years
    I was so embarrassed with myself. That I was a failure who couldn't keep a job for a year. I was depressed (though I didn't know I was that then) and figured this is my burden to bear. I did this. I fired myself. This is obviously not the way to go. You have to get out of that hole. You must not cut off from the people who care about you. A good fried of mine is going through the same thing now and I will not let her stew in this.
  3. I sent hundreds of applications in that time
    Job and career coaches will tell you that networking and knowing who to know are the best ways to get a job. This is true to a point but job searches are still traditional here. You will fill many, many forms that will go nowhere. Bloody black holes. I still kept the list of applications I did in that 2 years.
  4. I thought about money all the time
    I was lucky; I stayed with my sis's family and had little responsibilities. Imagine if I wasn't. But I thought about it all the time. In fact, I still do it if I let myself 🤐
  5. I worked for my parents' holiday rental
    I remember being frustrated that I was spending time doing this. It wasn't fair to my parents as they had me when no one else did. I wish I was more thankful for their help.
  6. My parents paid for my trip to Europe with my cousin
    I can't recall what made them do it--probably because I was a pain and depressed--but I'm grateful that they did. It was a breather that I needed, and things was a little better following the trip.
  7. I was angry at an old friend for not helping me. She worked for a recruitment agency then and just made remarks on 'how things are' then. She never asked for my CV
    I was hurt by this rejection. I pushed my resume to her and followed up weekly. I learnt not to treat any friend this way.
  8. I eventually worked a lot of short term work that in time, I received follow-up work for knowing people in previous work
    The benefits of networking. I'm still bad at this, and should have made more effort to sustain them. I got a stint as a dental assistant because I worked with the dentist for the national dental survey she volunteered for. We didn't have LinkedIn or anything of the like then so word-of-mouth was so key here. And I asked. I asked for help and someone responded.
  9. I don't want to remember those 2 years
    It was such a blur to me. I don't want to remember those 2 years and I didn't. Most memories came from others that stuck to me in those years. I was both aware and in denial. I was lonely.