I was in Reykjavik for 6 days. Thanks to @white_lightning and SNL head writer Rob Klein for many GREAT recs!
  1. Blue Lagoon is GREAT.
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    So so worth it. I think it's better to go in the afternoon, like after 3pm it really cleared out. In the summer you can go at NIGHT!
  2. Takk means thank you!
  3. I'm puff daddy now.
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  4. Hallgrimskirkja
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    The observation deck at this church is amazing! Cheap, easy and such a beautiful view.
  5. Every single Icelandic actor is INCREDIBLE. Truly amazing.
  6. Golden Circle is very worth it! But rent a car and do it so you don't have to be surrounded by selfie stick tour groupers.
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    Kex: hostel/restaurant/bar/coffee shop it's everything! And amazing view of mountains. Prikid: oldest restaurant in Iceland. Super cute and good breakfast. Kol: had a mushroom risotto with brisket that has rocked me.
  8. All cafes are cute. All cafes have wifi. One cafe had Icelandic male twins with sturdy blonde man buns.
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  9. Design is really right and tight. I bought a dustpan, shower curtain, watering can and cushion covers. Why can't we have clean cute simple stuff in da US??