I lived in Chicago for seven years. College and comedy grinding. It's still my favorite place.
  1. Pick Me Up Cafe
    Open almost 24 hours a day. I went here the very first week I moved here and have been going ever since. There was a time when I lived across the street and I went here twice a day in lieu of grocery shopping. I've been here with every boyfriend I've ever had, after concerts, for post improv show breakdowns sessions, and with my parents. HOME TO ME! Get: the hummus plate, garlicious breast sandwich, fries, brownie sundae, grilled cheese, any soup, any breakfast.
  2. Broadway Antique Market
    I cannot believe I'm outing this place. Everything good I have is from here. Including my winter coat, a lamp and many dog figurines. FUN FACT: where I was when I got the call that SNL wanted me to come audition.
  3. Merz Apothecary
    I could spend hours here. This is what "going to CVS" must have felt like in 1930. I always buy toothbrushes, combs and brushes here. Once I was carrying a Merz tote bag on the 6 train and a man said "I love that place" and I hugged him.
  4. Tweet
    Nicest people, best breakfast in town. At night it turns into an amazing bar called "Big Chicks" this appeals to me.
  5. Second City ETC Stage
    When people go to Second City they always go to the Mainstage, which is great! But I was on ETC, it's a little smaller and I just like the room better. HOME TO ME!
  6. Southport Grocery
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    I used to work at the barber shop across the street. Chopped salad off the chain. Dope iced tea. One of the only places you can buy lah-dee-dahs, my favorite candy hand made in Chicago!
  7. Handlebar
    The best vegetarian options in the city. Green meanie sandwich and gouda mac and cheese. Back patio is 👌🏻.
  8. The Annoyance
    Where Conner and I met. Where I learned to write. One of the very best.
  9. Taqueria El Asadero
  10. Dimo's Pizza
    post improv pizza to me.
  11. The lake.
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    So so sooooo beautiful.
  12. Old Town Ale House
    The best. Covered in painting of regulars and naked ladies. Best lighting. Best jukebox. Besttttt.
  13. Fantastic list Id like to yes and...
    -Blackbird - Paul Kahan is one of our best chefs and this place is amazing. So is Avec which Kahan also owns and is next door. - Guthries- great bar that has every board game ever - Byron's - best fries ever and legit char dog - IO theater - go see TJ and Dave - Wrigley Field - despite the bros and yuppies its such a great park and this young Cubs team is the best in a long time - Maggie Daley Park - if you have kids take them there - Mr Beef - get a beef dry, hot peppers, pickles
    Suggested by @IkeBarinholtz
  14. Neighborhoods for walking around
    Lincoln Square: records, coffee, Merz, gift shops, old German stuff. Western brown line stop is a good place to start. Wicker Park: shopping, snacks, Eskell, Big Star has the best tacos in the city. Milwaukee blue line stop is a good place to start. Lincoln Park: a little bro-yyy, lots of strollers, but pretty! Armitage brown line stop is a good place to stroll.
  15. Nightwood
    Pilsen can feel far but there are lots of great things there. Including Nightwood which is super yummy seasonal food.
  16. California Clipper
    VERY cool sort of 1940s western bat that is beautiful and has great live music AND grape soda on tap.
  17. Schuba's
    Music venue that always has great show. But also a restaurant that is great for lunch in lake view.