the costume department at SNL is pure magic. They have MAX three days to do what they do, and sometimes just 10 minutes. HOW DO THEY DO IT? They have taught me so much and I love them deeply.
  1. ursula
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    made from scratch in two daysssss! A corset floor length dress with tentacle skirt that went over it. both wigs/hair and costumes won an Emmy for this show!
  2. lil baby aidy
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    this pink jacket is my favorite thing I've worn on the show. @jilianbream bream found it!
  3. wishin boot
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    wynona inspired. hand bejeweled shirt and fringed boots, and made from scratch coat! designed by @jilianbream
  4. Mary Todd Lincoln in the Lincoln/Louie sketch for about 20 seconds...BUT
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    this was the week of hurricane sandy which meant SNLcostumes couldn't rent from their usual New Jersey sources as nothing was going in or out of the city. So they called in BIG TIME favors and my costume and Louie's hat were from THE MET! One of the coolest ever.
  5. jineane. so so so formal for such a shitty waterbeds commercial.
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  6. mrs claus
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    Made from scratch in one day, with vintage apron from stock that was in a box of stuff from the '70s.
  7. Tonkerbell and Gus Gus
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    MADE from scratch! Hand painted wings!
  8. I could list a million more.