I do this a lot.
  1. Change your underwear
  2. Don't look at a phone or screen for twenty minutes, it will feel like a nap.
  3. Spray your face with one of those lady face mists. I assume they are all just water and perfume.
  4. A cold drink with lots of ice. Drinking a lot will keep you peeing which keeps you up.
  5. Letting your entire body crumple on a VERY dirty floor and guttural shouting ("why", "I'm dead", "kill me") feels good.
  6. Cry
  7. Stretch
  8. Get so cranky you think you're gonna kill everyone then turn that corner and feel like the only thing you know how to do is laugh.
  9. Eat trash.
  10. Eat fruit. Refresh from trash.
  11. Eat candy. Dessert reward for eating fruit.
  12. A spray called jao. I don't know what it is but I spray it on my hands, pits, face, titz, butt and it helps me when I can't go home. It says "refresher, not just for hands" and i take that very literally.