On Monday night we wrapped on shooting a short film I wrote, produced and acted in. Since that time I have cried every two hours like clock work. All from pride, joy, thankfulness.
  1. How healthy and green the desert between Phoenix and LA looked.
  2. 2 Katie Perry songs
  3. Eating our last cookie as a symbol of completion with @jilianbream
  4. The minute we wrapped hugging my director/bud Oz.
  5. Telling my parents about the whole thing.
  6. 1 Mikal Cronin song
  7. Talking to @ConnerOMalley on the phone.
  8. Nice emails.
  9. Nice texts.
  10. Getting into a fluffy white bed.
  11. A podcast.
  12. Getting some stills sent to me.
  13. Thinking in a quiet place.
  14. How good my old friends and new friends are. From high school, college, second city, and SNL THEY ALL HELPED ME! And some new friends! I didn't even know!