@semioccasional is picking up the important prompts baton
  1. Cat climbs into my arms to be cradled like a baby while she purrs and stares deeply into my eyes
  2. Company orders sushi for the lunch and learn
  3. Ebook buying binge during the Great December Rock Bottom Prices Kindle Sale
  4. Decorated my apartment using gold wrapping ribbons (originally for Christmas but they're still up)
  5. When it's the perfect temperature
  6. Art exhibitions with no entrance fee
  7. Getting a text from anyone other than my mobile network or bank
  8. Cleaning your glasses when they get smudgy so everything suddenly looks all shiny and fresh
  9. Drinking a whole bottle of wine while watching netflix
  10. Lie ins
  11. DIY haircuts that turn out nice
  12. Finding Ben and Jerry's in the UAE
  13. New acquaintance casually makes a deep cut reference to one of your fave tv shows and you're like, yes, these are my people