1. Consumption is a killer
  2. Men are weak and easy to manipulate
  3. Horse races are a good place to meet wealthy aristocrats
  4. An easy way to steal from people is to wait until their house is on fire and then offer to help by taking away their valuables to store in a safe location that you know of
  5. Brushing your teeth is important
  6. Aggressive social climbing is tacky yet can be effective
  7. Circulate exotic rumours about yourself at every opportunity
  8. You are no one without a solid pink marble stairway dominating your entrance hall
  9. "Artists are rarely boring lovers" (Valtesse de la Bigne)
  10. An invitation to "come to tea at four" is really an invitation to come between four and seven "in disguise" - "a polite euphemism for five o'clock."
  11. Learn the classics; men love a woman who can make jokes in Latin
  12. Have really nice handwriting
  13. "Even when a woman is wicked, it is to her advantage to seek the company of cultivated men" (Celeste Mogador)
  14. For true comfort and style, commission your own four poster bed inspired by mediaeval royals
  15. Invest in art
  16. Don't make enemies of the press or the police force
  17. Never underestimate the many uses of a stained glass window
  18. The two things you must hold most dear: your opinions and your hair
  19. Adopt "all the grand airs of a duchess at an orgy"
  20. A thinly disguised autobiographical novel is a wonderful marketing tool
  21. "By the 1890s, lesbianism had become wildly fashionable."