Thousands of artworks crammed into four days: here's your cultural update from the Gulf, with a list of some of my favourite pieces from Art Dubai 2016.
  1. Rana Begum's ethereal neon meshes
  2. 92 year old Iranian superstar Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian's 'Untitled (Blue)', 2009, mirrors and painted glass at OTA Fine Arts
  3. Prem Sahib, pink lights at Jhaveri Contemporary
  4. Yayoi Kusama's disco pumpkin - one of the fair's most Instagramable pieces as well as a classic Michael Kors Project Runway insult brought to life
  5. Nadim Karam's 'Silence is Shout/Shout is Silence' at Ayyam Gallery
  6. Zarina Hashmi's 'Tears of the Sea' (2011) - 99 sheets of Indian paper sewn with freshwater pearls
  7. I seem to have totally lost the credits for this fun neon, but here it is anyway
  8. Yeesookyung's series 'Translated Vase' - smashed ceramics glued back together with gold
  9. Sculpture by Anachar Basbous, from my runaway favourite booth - Beirut's Agial Gallery, who presented a series of small-scale sculptures by emerging Lebanese artists
  10. Basir Mahmood's 'Missing Letters' (2016) was easy to miss but had the most beautiful, powerful backstory - it's made from the ashes of burned letters from Pakistan's undeliverable post office
  11. Marina Abramovic, whose galleries have figured out how to commercialise one-off conceptual performances (prints)
  12. This year's Modern section was a standout; loved Maliheh Afnan's 1960s-80s works presented by Lawrie Shabibi
  13. Also in Modern, Laure Ghorayeb's distinctive ink drawings; it was great to see so many women presented in the fair