1. "That pattern belongs on a teapot."
  2. "You look like an alien."
  3. "You smell like a sexy flapjack."
  4. "If Scarlett Johanssen wears it... I guess you can too."
  5. "Can you wear everything houndstooth all at once?"
  6. "You look like you have giant insect eyes. It disturbs me."
  7. "Are those real pearls? Why don't you just wear a big sign that says I WENT TO PRIVATE SCHOOL?"
  8. "Those are weird."
  9. "Did you put lipstick on my forehead?"
  10. "Your glasses are crooked."
  11. "Oh you look all... old. I mean old timey. Old timey looking."
  12. "Scarlett Johanssen is wearing this. Can you wear this?"