I work for a company that models itself hard after McKinsey so I thought I should know more about them and yet ... ?
  1. Are there ListApper McKinseyites?
  2. "McKinsey even created the idea of budgeting as a management tool"
    This factoid is on page 1 of this book right after "McKinsey remapped the power structure inside the White House and guided Europe through its postwar reorganisation" but yet it does not sound all that impressive?
  3. "They spent years inside the BBC and NHS to little noticeable effect. They played a critical role in building the bomb known as Enron"
  4. "McKinsey contains more contradictions than the Bible"
  5. "Its employees are trusted and distrusted - loved and despised - in equal measure. They are confident but also paranoid. And they are helpful yet manipulative."
  6. "They are the corporate Mandarin elite"
  7. "Their methods have been compared (by others and by themselves) to the Jesuits, the US Marines and the Catholic Church"
    Here we are on page 3 already losing touch with reality
  8. "Modern management technique has distinguished itself as much by its innovative ability and by its sheer might"
    Someone WROTE that sentence on PURPOSE
  9. "One of the secrets of McKinsey is its very similarity to America"
    Consultancy = 🇺🇸
  10. "Bower distinguished McKinsey not just for what it did but for how it went about it, starting with the physical appearance of its employees and moving right on through hiring, training and the culling of their ranks through a merciless system known as up-or-out"
    Translation: McKinsey only hires hot people then immediately fires them (?)
  11. "McKinsey was the first consultancy to gamble on valuing youth over experience"
    This is presented as a Good Thing
  12. "It is hard to imagine the place of business in the world today without McKinsey"
  13. "What is the net effect of McKinsey consultants in the world? What has been gained and lost as this relatively small group of like minded people has consolidated power and spread the gospel of American capitalism?"
    ListApp is a relatively small group of like minded people. Let's consolidate power and spread the gospel of making and sharing lists about stuff until we too are as influential as the Marines or the Catholic Church.
  14. "McKinsey offers high priced industrial espionage couched in the language of best practices."
  15. "McKinsey's army of hardworking and youthful overachievers - a SWAT team of business philosopher-kings"
    Here is where I started giggling uncontrollably
  16. "The act of hiring McKinsey is as symbolic as it is practical"
  17. In the early 1990s AT&T paid McKinsey $96 million for 5 years of work
  18. "The McKinsey consultant himself has gained money, power and prestige, as well as the pretence of an intellectually minded pursuit within the corporate sphere. He has whispered into the ears of power"
  19. "You rarely see an old McKinsey consultant"
  20. "It is hard to overlook the mounting number of instances in which McKinsey advisers have behaved no better than mercenaries, collecting huge fees for work of dubious worth. They are without question the go-to consultants for managers seeking justification for savage cost cutting and a convenient scapegoat on whom to blame it."
  21. "McKinsey is the Goldman Sachs of the consulting world"
    Well that clears that up
  22. "McKinsey sells its own enlightenment"
  23. "Although McKinsey became very rich by his late thirties and once rented a summer farm with its own polo fields, he refused to buy his children toys because he considered them inessential purchases."
  24. "The developed world has been thoroughly McKinseyed"