1. Biographies of glamorous yet sad historical courtesans
    Bonus points if they were Regency-era French, hooked up with royalty or went mad with syphilis
  2. Comedy self help-slash-memoirs by sarcastic, foul mouthed women
    A la Amy Poehler's YES PLEASE
  3. Literary bestsellers
    Time to catch up on last year's Man Booker shortlist at bargain prices
  4. Books about writing
    If it's called, say, A Brief History of Punctuation; The Best Sentences Ever Written; The Evolution of Languages; A Poet's Guide to Things That Rhyme; 5000 Words Beginning with F, or How to Write the Perfect Subordinate Clause, I'm probably interested.
  5. Journalistic essay collections
    I'm going to learn so much about medical science/food writing/off grid living/who even knows
  6. Vintage detective stories
    Why yes I would like all the Poirots and Holmeses please
  7. Wide ranging city histories
    Rome, Jerusalem, Kabul, Paris: just some of the cities I will soon know literally everything there is to know about.
  8. Business books
    Nice Girls Don't Get The Instant Harvard Business School Corner Office Secrets To Getting Ahead. But I will, for only 99p!
  9. Offbeat black hipster comic novels
    If it's filled with characters dreamed up by a demented genius, sounds like the premise of a Wes Anderson film and is preferably set in a quirky village on a mountain I'll pay £1.99 for it. Especially if it has a title like "The Fantastical Tale of the Retired Major General Who Climbed out of an Alpine Tree into an IKEA Wardrobe and Disappeared for 100 Years" or "A Book Club Book for the Black Hearted, to be Eaten with Pineapple Upside Down Cake"
  10. Anything I remember from my childhood
    Yes, I will impulse buy The Secret Garden, Little Women, all the Little House on the Prairies, and anything by Robin McKinley, thank you very much