1. Today this floppy floofer:
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  2. Went crazy for the taste of my boyfriend's hair after he came back from the swimming pool and clung aggressively to his head chewing on his hair until I had to pull her off and shut her in another room
  3. Wedged herself underneath the table in a determined bid to sit in the 4 inches of my lap she could get to
  4. Tried to hunt a dot of dirt on the outside of the windowpane
  5. Climbed onto me and immediately fell deeply asleep directly on top of the notebook and pen I was literally writing with that very second
  6. Brought her fluffy hedgehog toy half as big as she is into bed with me
  7. Insisted on drinking from the water in the sink that I had already used to wash my face in
  8. Used my tummy as a launching pad to catapult across the room
  9. Leaped 7 feet straight into the air to play with a bit of curly gold ribbon
  10. Sat in the bathroom sink meowing very sadly for 5 solid minutes for no reason I can figure out