1. Twitter is dead and it ain't ever coming back
  2. The only people left on Twitter are 1) journalists trying to promote their own stories, 2) companies trying to promote their own brands, 3) my mother
  3. Its stock is heading towards worthless
  4. Young people are abandoning it in droves
  5. And here's the reason:
  6. The content is boring.
  7. Twitter was a "Web 2.0" revolution/revelation in the late 2000s
    Web 2.0: the trend that was mainstream before it was even invented
  8. It was the first social network to really push your posts outside your network of real life friends
  9. It brought us the great innovation of the last decade, searchable shareable hashtags
    Why don't these exist on List App yet by the way
  10. A generation of Social Media Influencers rose to power
  11. Suddenly an infinite pool of people could read your thoughts and you could read theirs
  12. But after a few years
  13. It turned out the condensible-into-140-characters thoughts of other people weren't very interesting
  14. And nor were yours
  15. (Who knew)
  16. It wasn't a platform for life updates from a near-comprehensive list of everyone you ever knew, like Facebook
    Disclaimer: I love finding out on Facebook that someone I was at school with 15 years ago got a new job, and don't understand people who complain about that
  17. There was nothing nice to look at and no way to share your day-to-day in a not totally boring way, unlike Instagram
    I also love seeing pretty pictures of people's lunches and cappuccinos on IG and don't understand people who complain about that either
  18. There was no personalising the platform
  19. The brands and corporate marketing tweet-bots moved in
    Creating a new industry worth millions but adding very little of real value except some comically awful mistweets
  20. Sudden competition in the market meant they could make you pay to have anyone see your tweets
  21. And people who wanted to write and read any social commentary, comedy or news analysis abandoned ship for platforms that don't cap their thoughts at half a sentence
  22. Twitter needed to exist to create the Internet as we know it
  23. And now
  24. It needs to die
  25. So that the Internet as we know it
  26. And all the newer
  27. Better
  28. More fun
  29. Social media platforms
    Like List App
  30. Can live