1. Ballerina
    I wasn't going to let my lack of talent stop me
  2. Extremely famous pop star
    Wasn't going to let my lack of talent hold me back here either
  3. Cellist
    Please note I have never so much as touched a cello
  4. Playwright slash poet
    "Like Shakespeare"
  5. Film writer
    I had approximately one idea for a film I wanted to write. It was as good as you would expect from a clueless 13 year old
  6. Fashion designer
    I got just far enough with this one to buy a sewing machine, do two weeks of work experience with a soon to be bankrupt designer and research fashion schools in New York
  7. ????
    Several years of panic and confusion go by
  8. Museum curator
    I wanted to do this enough to get an MSc in museum anthropology but not enough to get a PhD
  9. Junior executive at a specialist arts and culture communications consultancy
    This is what I currently do. It is pretty cool although I don't ever get to play a cello.