I recently crashed my parents vacay in the basque region of Spain.
  1. Poached tomatoes with squid ink rice
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  2. Sardines with mixed green salad
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  3. Hake with green pea foam
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    They loveeee hake
  4. Squid with ink and pasta
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  5. Lamb terrine
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    This got a lil weird
  6. Raspberry sorbet with homemade yogurt and chocolate crumble
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  7. Sardine "lipstick" and creamed foie gras
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    I could not get down with this. Sorry mom and dad 🙊
  8. Deconstructed sardine lasagne
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    All the sardines. Just a lot of it was consumed.
  9. Seared scallops
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  10. 🍤
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  11. Raspberry sponge?!??
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    Literally don't know how else to describe this
  12. Pastries, all of dem
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  13. Lastly, mixed greens with burrata, grilled asparagus, and a healthy squeeze of lemon
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    Who knew the best burrata is found in San Sebastián. Take me back now