1. Looking for split ends and trimming them (even on other people's hair)
  2. Long naps
  3. Squeezing that white stuff out of the bumps on my chin (yeah. I know I'm gross.)
  4. Law and Order SVU
  5. Pulling my loose hair out and winding all of it into a ball (I do it whenever I'm really stressed or bored or both)
  6. Eating cookie dough
  7. Really hot showers or baths
  8. Really hot heating pads
  9. Having people pop my back by walking on it
  10. Wikapedia-ing serial killers
  11. Driving through McDonalds for hash browns and Diet Coke
  12. Burger King Whoppers
  13. Lying in the sun and sleeping (I'm a cat, I think)
  14. Staying up way too late reading Imgur comments