To make things less monotonous and tedious, I have several storylines in my head that I like to think through...
  1. I'm a Mary Poppins type for an aristocratic family and this baby isn't mine.
  2. Period piece: girl wanders into an old church late at night during a storm for shelter. Blood drips on her arm. She looks up, and a dude is hiding up in the rafters.
    Turns out, this guy is part of a pirate kingdom and has been sent by the main character's father to bring her back to the land/life where she belongs. He's bleeding because the main character's evil uncle tried to kill him when he noticed the guy observing her from afar. The uncle doesn't want her to return to her rightful place.
  3. I buy the Stadler's house, save their dog, and gut the house completely. I go room by room through the house as best as I can remember and redecorate it.
  4. I reimagine my life with kids who sleep 18 hours straight.
  5. I relive high school as my confident adult self in my teenaged body.
  6. Tree people: I've had the same running story of tiny little Thumbelina type people that live in my yard since I was maybe 9 years old. They move with me to whatever house I live in.