1. Well, I'm early so, I'll just sit at the bar until she gets here!
  2. But I will NOT be on my phone. I'm a strong, secure, capable adult!
  3. Me: "Hey girl, they won't seat me until you get here (they're the WORST)! Sitting on the first barstool to the right when you come in! 🍷🍷🍷"
  4. You know what, I was late once, she's probably freaking out right now.
  5. Her: "Hey lady! On my way 😘😘!"
  6. Being late is really just another way of saying my time is less important than hers.
  7. Is everyone in here judging me for being on my phone?
  8. My friend is an asshole.
  9. I'm 100% saying something when she gets here--
  10. HEYYYYYYY!!! Omg you look BEAUTIFUL!! No, don't worry about it! I literally just got here!
  11. *pays for lunch, makes dinner plans for next week*