Ways in which I'm similar to a cat

I recently got a kitten and having her around I realized that there are two types of people in the world. Cat people and dog people—in regards to personality traits. I am 100% cat, here's why.
  1. Love will be shown on my own terms and timeframe.
    If I initiate a hug, great. If I don't then I will recoil in disgust and look for the nearest exit.
  2. I sleep 18 hours a day.
    Ok so maybe not that much but I totally would if I could.
  3. I am unpredictable.
    One week I'll be social and wanting to go out in the world and play. The next I'm home alone all week without any human contact except when telling the barista my Starbucks order.
  4. Curious.
    If I get in your car I will open every compartment and rummage through everything just.....because.
  5. I don't like taking showers.
    This might be a little tmi, but the thought of taking a shower exhausts me. (don't get grossed out—-I still take them frequently it's just not my favorite thing)
  6. I get startled very easily.
    Do not get up behind me and try to scare me, I will claw your eyes out.
  7. I have 9 lives (this has yet to be tested throughly)
    I've had at least 4 near death experiences in my life and I seem to be alright.
  8. If I'm mean to you it probably means I really like you.
    Sarcasm is my closest friend.