1. They're always happy to see you
    Even if I have a crappy day seeing one or both of them wiggling at the top of the stairs when I get home makes that all melt away
  2. There's always someone to cuddle with
    Even if you don't want it
  3. You can tell them all your problems and they won't tell anyone
    Maybe other dogs, but I doubt they fully get your problems anyway
  4. When they wear people clothes, it's the cutest thing
    Or funniest, or saddest, depending on the dog and the outfit
  5. How they lick your face
  6. Watching them dream and run in their sleep
  7. How they defend you if you need that
  8. Or how they love the people you love
  9. They have a better judge of character on people because they're like, fuck it I'm a dog
  10. How the little things they do make you smile
    Like how when it snows, Dewey digs in the snow and Harlie slides down the hill like a seal
  11. They're noses are beyond cute
  12. How all they want is your love and attention and how when you give it to them they're yours forever
  13. How big dogs still think they're lap dogs
    And how little I care about having a 100 pound plus dog sitting on me if its what they want
  14. How you talk to them in like a babying voice and they love it
  15. There are literally no downsides to having a dog I want three more now