Because I like them, I'm just too overwhelmed
  1. Lost
    Because I've already seen the second half of the show
  2. The Sopranos
    Because I'm now halfway through, like it, and know so much about it
  3. Boardwalk Empire
  4. Narcos
    Because I'm obsessed with the war on drugs portrayed in the media
  5. Lilyhammer
    Because Steven Van Zant and it's off his character from the sopranos
  6. Jonah from Tonga
    Because I love Chris Lilley
  7. Show Me A Hero
    Because I love David Chase's work and I go to Yonkers weekly now the history of the crisis is fascinating
  8. Ballers
    Because Dwayne Johnson is the best person on the planet and the show is actually great
  9. House of Cards
    Because... I started it and will finish it one day