CC unemployment
  1. Binge-watching TV series you only pretended to know at social gatherings so didn't look a fool
    Using someone else’s password, of course
  2. Drinking
    A whiskey drink
  3. Cooking
  4. Reading
    Real fucking books, not just excerpts, reviews, or B-rated film versions of them
  5. Sketching
  6. Drinking
    A vodka drink
  7. Cleaning
  8. Dating
  9. Exercising
    I hear it's super
  10. Talking to cashiers and sales associates about life and the weather and actually giving a shit
    *Breakdown optional*
  11. Anxiety Attacks
  12. Deleting a few *thousand* unread emails
  13. Drinking
    A lager drink
  14. Trying homeopathic treatments for all your ailments
  15. Diagnosing your ailments
  16. Coming to terms with your mortality
  17. Laughing
    Shit just got real, I know
  18. Self-care
  19. Crying
  20. Family
  21. DIY
    Everything and anything
  22. Drinking
    A cider drink
  23. Going out to watch a '90s cover band named 'Chandler on the Bings' on a THURSDAY night
    Shout out to all the past teachers out there. Party hard.
  24. Learning how to play an instrument
    The guitar only takes 5 years
  25. Coming up with a clever yet vague caption that diverts from reality for that online dating profile
    ...and every Instagram picture ever
  26. And of course, adult coloring
    Which is really just coloring with a glass of red and tears