Sometimes we all need a lil push.
  1. McDonald's fries
    Hear me out... when they're fresh? Man, nothing beats hot, greasy and salty Mickey D fries (don't make it weird)
  2. That pint of Gelato
    I'd run/bike/drive/transport all the extra miles for some heavenly gelato.
  3. True love
    Some say it's this powerful force of nature. Harry ran the extra [maybe not] mile for Sally. If it's anything like the way I feel for my dog, than yes, I'm down.
  4. Beyonce
    I would do anything for Bey.
  5. Guilt
    Yo, if your conscience gets the ball rolling, keep going.
  6. Comedy
    Going the extra mile for a person or actually going an extra mile for "exercise" is great fodder for comedy, even if it turns out poorly. So win/win no matter what. Going out of your way to make a bad dinner outing decent with wine and extra food turns on you when minutes later you get stuck in a tiny French elevator for over an hour with said group. I'm not traumatized but I do take the stairs now.
  7. To be a good person
    Don't be a douche. Go that extra mile if you can. You never know when you'll need some help, or when you can use it to your advantage. Unlike Starbucks, karma points never expire.