I describe 99% of the things in my life as being cute. In other words, this list may never end.
  1. The color pink
    My love for pink requires a completely separate list
  2. Any Coca Cola product
  3. This advent calendar from Target
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    'tis the season, bitches!
  4. Birthday Cake
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    My bffl made me this turnt ass birthday cake once. Adorable, right?!
  5. Go-go boots
    Honestly, they're the next big trend
  6. The bartender at Willa Jean
    Even if I had a photo, it wouldn't do him justice
  7. Fried chicken
  8. Square format photos
    It just looks better, y'all
  9. Costume jewelry
    Earrings are my fav
  10. Fruit
    Fruit is great in its natural form, but it's even cuter when it's printed all over stuff. Who doesn't want a shirt with a watermelon on the front?
  11. When my bank account has more than $20
  12. When my bank account is overdrawn
  13. macaroons
    Adorable colors plus they look like tiny colored krabby patties
    Suggested by @amgardner