My Super Bowl Counterprogramming

I don't like sports so here's how I am spending my day. List in progress. Requested by @theranman
  1. Finished the indie game Firewatch but can't talk about it yet.
  2. Watched my favorite two comedies, Fresh off the Boat and Brooklyn 99. Katy Sagal alert!
  3. Did an hour of elliptical machine while watching Drop Dead Diva
  4. Played Unravel but can't talk about it yet. But can show you this guy
  5. Making a shrimp and chorizo paella with both Spanish and Mexican chorizo! What? Drama!
  6. Drinking a nice cotes du Rhone with more Jane Bingham.
  7. Did watch Lady Gaga sing the national anthem. Can't help it I'm that gay!
  8. Ok had to watch Beyoncé.
  9. Catching up on Downton Abbey final season