Things I Survived Traveling Home Today

From Oak Ridge, TN to NYC
  1. Arby's lunch
  2. Torrential downpour and flash flood warning around Cookeville
  3. Two-hour flight delay
  4. Vodka martini at the Nashville airport bar that clearly is only used to serving beer
  5. Wendy's dinner
  6. A girl having a seizure on the plane who had to be removed by EMTs
  7. Two assholes who talked so loudly on the plane they had to be asked twice to lower their voices
  8. A man falling off the plane steps right in front of me
  9. A 30-degree temperature drop
  10. A cab that smelled like a fart factory
  11. A liquor store a minute from closing on my street
  12. My needy cat's desire to be held as I type this