Just a few things I've had to learn to overcome while actively growing my business. My SO and I have been together for nearly 5 years now. We started a wholesale store in October of 2015 and have officially reached our 8 month mark. Here is a list of some difficulties I've experienced within this time and how I'm currently dealing with them.
  1. Agreeing to disagree
    We're both very assertive, proud and willing to stand our ground for the sake of being right (aka bull headed). I've noticed that I've really put that part of me aside in order to get to much needed compromises. Though "I told you so." Is said often.
  2. Sex
    When you're both tired from work and seeing each other constantly, sex seems to become less frequent. We've both agreed this is due to our exhaustion. Sex is reserved for weekends and slow business days.
  3. Me time
    We are next to each other nearly 24/7. After work, we enjoy doing things separately and being with our very different hobbies (Him: Cars racing Me: Ru Paul's Drag Race).
  4. Chores... I hate dishes.
    We're both exhausted. Neither wants to do anything. We argue about who did the most work at work in order to get the other to do more chores. This is constant. Usually results in calling housekeeping.
  5. Mental anguish
    I think I've had about 3 mental breakdowns so far. A hug from him has really helped me through each one. Whether he realizes it or not, the affection really grounds me when I'm on the brink of work related insanity.