As a recent college graduate, I've been going on job interviews during the past week so that I don't rot on my parents' couch. Overall, it was going well, until the last interview that I had today. Here's why I'm upset:
  1. After leaving my first interview of the day, I decided to go home for lunch, so I stopped at a grocery store to get bread for my planned sandwich;
  2. I didn't get the chance to flirt with the cute bagging guy that usually admires me because he was helping an older lady take her bags to her car which meant no confidence boost for me;
  3. I couldn't take a nap after eating lunch because I was only home for one hour and my "naps" are technically "sleeps;"
  4. My interview was at 5:30 PM but I had to leave at 4:00 PM because... Orlando traffic;
  5. Orlando traffic;
  6. I got there 30 minutes before I was supposed to be there and hung out in my car and after 5 minutes, a wasp flew into my car and I just accepted that I would be stung before my interview;
  7. My interview lasted exactly 6 minutes and I could tell that the interviewer wasn't the slightest bit interested in me but told me that she would let me know if I made it to the second round of interviews;
  8. Orlando traffic at the 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM hour;
  9. I stopped to fill up the gas tank and a guy mistook me for a gas station employee while I was wearing a business professional dress and heels and I don't usually wear heels (take note Mom);
  10. After sending thank you emails to my interviewers, I got an email back from 6 Minute Interview Lady to let me know that she went with someone else;
  11. Obviously she hired someone before I showed up and BS-ed her way through my 6 minute interview;
  12. This is my way of releasing the anger I feel at the precious time that was wasted today between 4:00 PM and 5:36 PM;
  13. Going to passive aggresively respond to her email now.