1. I hope my phone battery lasts.
  2. I'm going to miss my next train/plane.
  3. I hope I still have my apartment when I get back. Did I leave the stove/faucet open?
  4. Those cute old couples. I wonder if I can still travel alone when I get that old.
  5. I hope the hotel serves good breakfast.
  6. I really have to learn/improve my *insert language here*
  7. To work or not to work while passing the time? *Sleeps*
  8. "This" would look good on instagram.
  9. Should I order room service or find a fancy restaurant tonight?
  10. My seatmate talks a lot.
  11. My seatmate smells bad.
  12. On helping lost people: I'm such a good person.
  13. On giving up comfy seats for old people: Fuck you conscience.
  14. I hope they didn't lose my baggage
  15. What am I doing with my life?