Narcissistic perhaps, but still fun to write. Plus, you know, #draftmas
  1. I always obey "entrance only" and "exit only" signs.
    Even the automatic doors that open from both directions. I will walk out of my way to make sure I'm following the rules.
  2. I'm an incredibly good speller.
    It's a really useful skill. And I can spell words out loud, without needing to write them down - essential skill for a teacher.
  3. Somewhat related: I can count the number of letters in words really fast. Like, REALLY fast.
    Thanks OCD for this one! I've been counting the number of letters in words my whole life. I like them to be divisible by 3. I will add prefixes and suffixes and whatever necessary to make them divisible by 3.
  4. I am an avid, knowledgeable sports fan.
    All sports except baseball, basically, though college basketball is my one true love. Yes, and a woman. I've been proving myself to male sports fans for years. One of the best moments of the past years was when my friend's husband said to me "You are one of my favorite people to talk sports with."
  5. I love to help my friends shop.
    I'm really encouraging, and I can also tactfully tell you that something isn't flattering without insulting your body.
  6. I can quote Friends like it's my job.
    "Could I BE wearing any more clothes?!"
  7. I'm terrified of choking.
    This is a byproduct of my anxiety.... One of the ways my anxiety manifests is making me think I'm choking on my food. It's as fun as it sounds.
  8. I've gone to camp every summer since I was 8.
    Camper until 18, and I've been counseling since I was 16. It's one of the best things in my life. I'm such a huge believer in camp for kids.
  9. I'm a re-reader.
    I read my favorite books over and over. Some people find this weird, but there's such comfort in it.
  10. In 27 years, I've lived in 2 countries and 5 states.
    United States (23 years) Japan (4 years)... Massachusetts (1 year) Ohio (13 years, plus my parents live there again) Minnesota (4 years) Kansas (3 years) Indiana (2.5 years and counting)