1. So I didn't want to make any massive, grand, sweeping resolutions that I would never live up to this year.
  2. But I was searching for a word.
  3. I love the idea of picking a guiding word for the year. Something to keep going back to.
  4. But I couldn't find anything that felt right.
  5. Until this morning, in a yoga class.
  6. The teacher asked us to think of our intentions as we began - and it popped into my head:
  7. Strength.
  8. That's what I am reaching for this year.
  9. That will be my word.
  10. And then, the teacher said something else that I absolutely adored:
  11. "Let go of what doesn't serve you."
  12. I loved that. It spoke exactly what I needed this morning.
  13. So, I walked away from yoga this morning with a focused intention and a mantra.
  14. Happy New Year.
  15. Strength.
  16. Let go of what doesn't serve you.