Proof that active listening is not natural to 12 year olds.
  1. Sam: Miss O, you said you try to see all the sports, right?
    This is said when everyone is listening - not a private, one-on-one conversation.
  2. Me: Yes, that's the goal!
    All the sports at least once (except golf; middle school golf is not a great spectator sport).
  3. Sam: So are you going to the cross-country meet today? We don't have any home meets but this one is at [very nearby school].
  4. Me: Wow I'd love to - I know you're right about the lack of home meets. But I have physical therapy today at 4:30. It might be pretty hard for me to make it back on time.
    Almost all our events start at 5.
  5. Sam: Okay!
  6. Cade: So are you going to come to the football game tonight?
  7. Me: Well.... I have physical therapy at 4:30. And I've been to the last two football games.
  8. Jack: What about the tennis match tonight? We play at 4:30.
  9. Me:😮
  10. Me: Well, I have physical therapy at 4:30.........
  11. Don't worry. Compromises have been reached. I am attending a cross country meet on Monday and a tennis match Saturday. And I go to lots of football games.
    I know y'all were very concerned.
  12. I'm adding listening skills higher up on my skills to work on, though.