So I have a hopeless crush on someone I work with. It can be rough at times.
  1. The silent mouthing of "thank you" from across the hallway. So much more deadly than a normal spoken thank you?
    I baked him and his two co-workers cookies and left them in their office for when they arrived at school. Social Worker Appreciation Day is every day in my book.
  2. One of my kiddos (but not one of his) basically put himself in time out in his room. I went in to talk to the kid, and he left to give us privacy. When I left his room, he was sitting in the hallway working on his laptop. All six feet and eight freaking inches of him. Sitting on the floor of a hallway just so I could talk to a moody teenager.
  3. Every time I see that look on his face and know he had to call CPS again.
    A big part of why I wanted to bake cookies today.
  4. When he mentions his girlfriend.
  5. Giphy